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At Dispute Assist, we resolve bank complaints and disputes independent of the banks and the Financial  Ombudsman Service, AUSTRALIA wide.

  • Do you have a bank dispute, you cannot make your repayments, you received a demand to repay your debt in full or fears of bankruptcy?
  • Are you trying to get help with a bank complaint or bank dispute and is your bank giving you the run around or ignoring you?
  • Does your bank dispute or bank complaint relate to a personal bank loan, business bank loan, corporate bank loan, home loan, mortgage shortfalls, repossession, bank guarantees or mediation?
  • Has your loan been cancelled?
  • Have you lost your job or fallen ill and cannot pay your mortgage?
  • Is the Financial Ombudsman Service unable to help you or have they closed your complaint?

Your bank complaint or bank dispute most likely started with an error, a demand, a decision or complaint that appeared unrealistic or unfair or maybe there was a change of circumstances. The errors and mistakes may have compounded, the bank may be taking months to sort out your dispute, there may be a stalemate or you may have been fobbed off.

Recent media coverage (See Media Coverage for more stories):

  • ABC 7.30 Report: "Whistleblower claims widespread loan fraud".  See the media report where Dispute Assists, Mr Bruce Ford says "Responsible lending is pretty much an oxymoron at the moment. We're seeing dodgy valuations, fabricated loan applications, fabricated incomes, fabricated asset and liability statements. It's across the board."
  • ABC 7.30 Report: "NAB Accused of Unconscionable conduct". See the media report where Dispute Assists, Mr Bruce Ford says "They've been prosecuted four times previously. This is the fifth time, now, that the bank is under scrutiny for those precise things."
  • ABC 7.30 Report: View how the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's internal investigation acknowledged "the bank could be facing rather large and embarrassing claims of fraud".  See the media report where Dispute Assists, Mr Bruce Ford says "Staff were actually instructed to make up the numbers on loan applications and use fictitious amounts on loan applications and omit liabilities on the balance sheets of the application."
  • ABC 7.30 Report: Bruce Ford's email to then Minister Ian Macdonald office reveals that his office "was advised five years ago that Grant Edmonds had been the subject of an internal Commonwealth Bank investigation into fraudulent conduct at the bank."  The program reveals that "Edmonds is a man described in parliament as a crook."
  • The Law Report: View "Bank Guarantees". See the media report where Dispute Assists, Mr Bruce Ford says “Dispute resolution processes provided by the banks is seriously lacking.  It has a number of failures
  • Money Magazine: Bruce Ford of Dispute Assist added his weight to recover $12,000 for one of his clients. See the media report where Dispute Assists, Mr Bruce Ford says "Sometimes people just give up out of sheer frustration."  In this bank dispute the customer spent several fruitless months wrangling with the bank. It took Bruce Ford just 10 days to secure a full refund. 

Perhaps your bank did not seem to listen to your complaint, the bank is ignoring your solicitor, your solicitor may not be experienced in certain areas of banking practice and may not understand the precise details of your bank complaint or your bank dispute.

Our experience is gained from numerous bank dispute resolutions covering all industries and provides a strong position to negotiate the best result for our clients. Our position is strong in any negotiation as we cannot be compromised in any dispute requiring information or resolution. We carry out detailed investigations to establish the true level of any debt claimed and we consider any guarantees or security before we enter into any negotiation.

You have taken the right step to resolve your complaint by researching the Internet. There are many people across Australia who have suffered because their bank complaint was never addressed properly and who have shared their experiences with us. There is a very good chance that you will be enlightened to learn many complaints share common grounds and will be impressed with the information we can provide in reference to certain questionable banking procedures.

Just send an email about your complaint in your own words to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details or Contact Us. You will be happy to see you are not alone, with many other disadvantaged borrowers pooling their experiences to help with many complaints sharing a common origin.

In most cases certain questionable banking procedures have already been documented which allows us to provide fast specific assistance for your matter, irrespective of how big or small your complaint is.

We can provide help with your banking problem and assist you in understanding there are options to help you deal with banking complaints or banking disputes.

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